ABC’s and 123’s of Essential Oils

This page is going to have brief but thorough information about each individual essential oil. There will also be a few uses following each oil’s description.I will add to this every week until I have every essential oil there is available.  I hope you find this page very useful.


This oil has a spicy scent to it like Clove and Cinnamon oils. It is a very strong aromatic oil which can irritate the nasal membranes if too much is used in a diffuser. If using it for topical use, make sure to dilute it quite a bit.

  • oil typically comes from the berriesth (6)
  • known to be like an aphrodisiac
  • a spicy, warm oil
  • is known to have been used for arthritis, depression, and some respiratory issues.
  1. Diffuse 2 drops along with 4 drops of Sweet Orange to aid in the effects of depression.
  2. Diffuse 2 drops along with 2 drops of Ylang Ylang for a sweet and romantic aroma


This oil originally came from the middle east. Also known as anise and sweet cumin.

  • oil comes from the plant’s seeds and dried fruitanise
  • smells like licorice
  • can be used in a diffuser or vaporizer


  1. good for soothing in indigestion
  2. can aid in breathing illnesses

4 drops of Sweet Orange essential oil and 2 drops of Aniseed oil to a diffuser to aid with breathing is sues.


These mainly known as trees but there are also smaller shrubbery style arbovitaes as well. They are from the cypress family.

  • oil comes from the wood of the treeth (5)
  • known to have an instrument that makes it powerful to use for cleaning.
  • a grounding oil
  • it repels insects naturally


  1. When outside during the warm weather, diffuse it to help keep insects away.
  2. Furniture Polish recipe found at:

4 drops of Arbovitae essential oil and 2 drops of Lemon essential oil to help preserve and polish wood.


A light and peppery oil that originally came from southern Asia and the Pacific Islands.

  • oil comes from the plant’s leaves and flowersbasil
  • can aid in the treatment of headaches
  • can be used in a vaporizer
  • May act as a sedative


  1. Add a few drops to 1 tsp. of a carrier oil for topical application of minor skin irritations.
  2. Add 2 drops along with 2 drops of Bergamot essential oil to diffuser to sharpen focus.